About the Civil Division

General Litigation

​Tax Foreclosure​​

​​The responsibilities of the Civil Division attorneys include: rendering legal opinions to each of the Prosecutor's clients upon request; advising each as to their legal rights and responsibilities; negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts; drafting any other necessary legal documents; and initiating and defending civil actions and appeals on behalf of their clients in both the state and federal courts.

These civil actions involve issues that are as varied and diverse as any found in the private practice of law and include: complex contract and construction issues, real property acquisitions, zoning issues, real and personal property taxation, personal injury claims, public records requests, labor issues, workers' compensation and unemployment claims, constitutional claims, and civil rights violations.

The Civil Division also assists agencies in the delivery of social services such as adult protection services and mental health services.

In every endeavor, the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys represent each of the Prosecuting Attorney's clients and, in doing so, represent the taxpaying citizens of Richland County in an ethical and professional manner with the pursuit of justice as their singular priority.

​​The Prosecutor's Civil Division attorneys are also charged with representing the County Treasurer in enforcing the collection of all delinquent real and personal property taxes in Richland County. In 2015, the Tax Collection Division of this Office increased the amount of delinquent real estate tax collections in Richland County by 1.5 million dollars by focusing on an accelerated and responsible tax foreclosure program.

As part of the partnership with the County Treasurer, the Prosecutor's Office participated in the formation of the Land Bank Project. The Land Bank has been instrumental in acquiring and demolishing blighted properties from our neighborhoods and revitalizing others, resulting in new businesses or homes for others. This approach is helping to restore property values, reduce crime and make Richland County an even more attractive place to own a home or business.