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The largest division of the Richland County Prosecutor's Office is the Criminal Division. It is the primary responsibility of the Richland County Prosecutor's Office to prosecute adult felony cases occurring in the County throughout all stages of the judicial process.

The Criminal Division utilizes a team of attorneys and investigators that are dedicated to uphold the law and protect the citizens of Richland County. The Richland County Prosecutor's Office does not investigate any crimes. All investigations are performed by one of the law enforcement agencies. Once law enforcement has investigated the crime, they submit their report to this office for the prosecution of all felony cases. Misdemeanor cases are handled primarily by the Mansfield Law Director's Office or the Shelby Law Director's Office.

Adult felony cases are prosecuted in the Richland County Court of Common Pleas. Richland County has two Courts of Common Pleas in which the criminal division prosecutes all felony charges. Once a Defendant has been indicted, the status of their case can be viewed on the Clerk of Court's website.

The Criminal Division of the Richland County Prosecutor's Office handles hundreds of criminal cases every year, involving all levels of felonies, as well as murders and aggravated murders.

The Criminal Division also provides 24 hour a day legal assistance and advice to all Richland County law enforcement agencies, including the Mansfield Police Department, Shelby Police Department, Richland County Sheriff's Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

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