​​About the Victim Services Division

​​​What is the relationship between the Prosecutor and victims of crime? ​​
​​I​n Ohio, when prosecuting criminal charges, the county prosecutor must represent the interests of the citizens as a whole, not just those of the victim alone. For this reason, the victim of a crime is not legally considered to be an official party to a criminal or juvenile case. That fact, combined with the numerous constitutional and other legal rights provided to criminal defendants, occasionally results in victims of crime feeling as if they are powerless participants in the criminal justice system. In response to this, it is part of the mission of the Richland County Prosecutor's Office to ensure that the rights of victims are also acknowledged and protected to the fullest extent possible under the law. 

​​If you need help...

Call 911 for imminent danger

Domestic Violence 24-hr Crisis Line:

Richland County Victim Services

Martin E. Jones, Director

Tel 419-774-5676
Fax 419-774-5589

​Under Ohio law, a victim of crime has the right to:​​
​​​* Be notified of information regarding a case
* Attend any hearing where the defendant or juvenile offender is present
* Be free of punitive action by an employer for attendance at or preparation for court hearings
* Ask the Prosecutor to seek an order of restitution for financial loss or damage as a result of the crime
* Make a written statement to be presented to the Court for consideration prior to sentencing
* Appear at a defendant's sentencing and give an oral impact statement to the Court at that time

​​​Our victim's unit provides the following assistance:​​
​​* Be notifications to victim regarding the case
* Accompanying victims to court
* Explaining court procedures
* Informing and updating victims on case status
* Providing emergency transportation to court
* Connecting victims with the Ohio victim compensation program
* Providing referral information for health, safety, and/or counseling issues